About me

In 2008, I discovered the 101 things to do in 1001 days and immediately liked the idea. I love doing lists and checking items on a list (shopping list, To-Do lists, holiday preparation lists, and so on). Therefore I started this blog and as a name, I chose a beautiful looking flower that shares the first two letters with my name. To be exactly, there was this book lying on my desk, “Wild flowers from southern Europe” and I thought: “Why not choose the name of a beautiful flower?” I was looking through the book and I ended up with Milchstern.

Afterwards, I had to decide which language I want to use. English or German? The language a lot of people understand or my native language? As you might notice, I never was consequent. Sometimes I blog only in English, and sometimes in both languages.

After finishing the “101 things project” I decided to focus on sewing. With a height of only 1.48 m (4 feet 10 inches) it’s hard to find clothing that really fits and sewing is a great solution for this “problem”. From time to time I sew for my mum, or sometimes other things than clothing, e.g. bags.

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