#BIWYFI – Türen im Juni

BIWYFI Türen_02
In diesem Monat sind Türen das Thema von “Beauty is where you find it“. Von daher habe ich bei meinen beiden letzten Ausflügen nach Lindau und Salzburg tatsächlich mal auch auf Türen geachtet und bin richtig froh darum. Ich konnte dabei wirklich ein paar schöne Exemplare entdecken und auch wesentlich mehr beachten.

This month, doors are the theme of “Beauty is where you find it“. Inspired by this I paid also intention to doors while travelling to the city of Lindau and Salzburg. And I am really happy that I did. I saw some really nice doors which I might have overlooked otherwise. Or at least, I wouldn’t have a picture of them as souvenir.
BIWYFI Türen_03 BIWYFI Türen_01 BIWYFI Türen_04

Oops, I did it again – Sewaholic Renfrew shirt

After my experience with altering the neckline of the Alma Blouse by choosing a smaller size, I decided I need to try this with the Renfrew shirt. Instead of the neckline Size 8 I choose the neckline from size 2 (while keeping size 8 for the rest of the pattern). And it worked again – the neckline is fitting way more nicely now.
Sewaholic Renfrew 2015-06-20 I probably now made enough Renfrew shirts to start with another alteration – I’d like to have a shirt with a waterfall neckline (so it is a bit different to the beautiful cowl neck provided). The pattern I do have by now should be the perfect basis for it.

Sewaholic Alma Blouse

Sewaholic Alma 2015-06-14_04
After buying the Renfrew pattern from Sewaholic, I was thrilled about the clear instructions and how easy everything went. I admired some of the other Sewaholic patterns for a long time now, and with this nice experience in mind, I bought a couple more.

Now that it got warmer, I decided to sew the Alma Blouse. I need more blouses for work and the pattern is perfect. I had some fabric in mind that I bought some time ago and as I did not dare to waste anything of it (I would even remember where I bought the fabric) I made muslins. It took me three muslins to allow myself to use the fabric I wanted. I love that the patterns are designed for pear-shaped woman as I do not need alterations then. But as I always need to alter length I need to make sure that it still works. For the first muslin, I choose a size too large (I’m somehow between size 6 and 8 with Sewaholic patterns and started with size 8). I tried to alter here and there on my muslin and thought – hm, it seems I need a size smaller. So I made a smaller one. All the problems I had before were gone. The only part I needed to adjust was for my narrow shoulder. I already removed 1 cm but still was not happy. Then I tried something new to combine the fact that I’m not as tall as the average woman and to adjust to my narrow shoulders. I kept size 6 for everything except the neckline which I decided to be size 0. I connected the outer size 6 corner of the shoulder with the inner size 0 corner  of the shoulder. From my pattern drafting book I knew that I should keep the bigger armscye as it is also depending on the bust size. On the pattern, this grading between sizes looked a bit weird, so I made a third muslin just to be sure. And as I hoped and expected, it worked for me! I will keep this in mind to see if this is a strategy I can use in general.
Sewaholic Alma 2015-06-14_06
The fabric is quite sheer and in order to sew it really nice, I even made french seams. I cut the fabric carefully, so I had enough for the belt. But to be honest, I like it better without. And I love the little V-cut and the small sleeves. The balance of hips and shoulders is so much better!
Sewaholic Alma 2015-06-14_02
For sure, this won’t be the last Alma Blouse!

#BIWYFI – Green living im April

Irgendwann vor längerer Zeit hatte ich das Projekt “Beauty is where you find it” auf dem Blog von luzia pimpinella entdeckt. Aber als ich dann mal mitmachen wollte, wurde das Projekt eingestellt. Umso glücklicher war ich, als ich lesen durfte, dass es eine Neuauflage gibt. Und endlich komme ich dazu, auch teilzunehmen. Das Thema dieses Monats finde ich auch einfach super. Den Frühling und besonders den April mag ich besonders, da man hier viele tolle Fotos von aufkeimenden Knospen, frischen Blättern, den ersten Blumen und vieles mehr machen kann. Daher kribbelt es auch immer in meinen Fingern, den Balkon frisch zu bepflanzen. Und leider macht mir dann auch manchmal der Frost einen Strich durch die Rechnung. Bisher läuft es recht gut, aber meine Küche wird gerade auch regelmäßig von Pflanzen geradezu belagert ;). In den letzen Tagen habe ich mir dann meine Kamera geschnappt und erst Fotos im Garten meiner Eltern aufgenommen und dann noch zuhause auf dem Balkon. Dabei habe ich auch noch meine Vorliebe für Nahaufnahmen ausgelebt. Beim Betrachten der Fotos ist mir auch aufgefallen, dass letztes Jahr die Blumen, Sträucher und alles Grüne viel weiter waren als dieses Jahr. Wobei auch der Winter ja vorletztes Jahr recht mild war…

Quite some time ago I discovered the project “Beauty is where you find it”. And exactly the moment I decided to participate, the project was terminated. Thus you can imagine how happy I was so read that the project gets a new chance. And finally, I do participate. The theme matches perfectly as I love spring and especially April. Here you can take a lot great pictures from budding blossoms, small and gentle green leaves and the first flowers. And I tend to exaggerate when it comes to planting flowers, herbs and vegetables on the balcony. Unfortunately, sometimes my attempts are foiled by frost. By now, the balcony flowers and herbs are doing fine, but on some days, my kitchen is really crowded ;). So in the last days I grabbed my camera and took pictures first in the garden of my parents on my last visit and later on my balcony with focus on one of my favorite technique – close-up views. When viewing the pictures, I realised that last year all the flowers and trees and everything green was much more developed than this year. Maybe because the winter before was quite mild…

Johannisbeere Blüte
Apple Tree
Strawberry - Erdbeere
Japanische Ranunkel

Another update on my dress form

My dress form got another update ;). Now that I got rid of the duct tape which always ruined my pins, I was still not happy. The duct tape was not stable enough for the PU foam, e.g. my dummy had a hunchback. Thus I took a big knife and removed all parts that did not resemble me. To further improve my dress form, I took inspiration from some sewing blogs regarding padding, customizing and covering a standard dress from (i.a. Gertie and her improved Veronica, Laura’s Dress Form Tutorial, Justine’s customized Dress Form and many more, but the most inspiration I took from La Sewista and her customized dress form. Here are pictures of the work in progress:
My solution for the dress form stand. This has been a bar stool which I bought on sale. I removed the seat and replaced it with an area made of cardboard matching my dress form. Now I even have the possibility to adjust the height. I used sticky velcro so that the dress form stays fixed to the cardboard.
The fabric I used is quite stable – it is some kind of furniture fabric (rather for pillows or curtains). The fabric had some little flaws and so the saleslady often pointed out during cutting that it has flaws and that’s why it is cheaper to make sure that I am aware of it and not complaining afterwards. So I explained her what my real purpose is and that I will “cut around” the flaws :). I also bought a matching zipper and for the arms and neck I used bias binding. And this is what my dress form now looks like. It’s a continuous improvement ;).