Sewaholic Alma Blouse

Sewaholic Alma 2015-06-14_04
After buying the Renfrew pattern from Sewaholic, I was thrilled about the clear instructions and how easy everything went. I admired some of the other Sewaholic patterns for a long time now, and with this nice experience in mind, I bought a couple more.

Now that it got warmer, I decided to sew the Alma Blouse. I need more blouses for work and the pattern is perfect. I had some fabric in mind that I bought some time ago and as I did not dare to waste anything of it (I would even remember where I bought the fabric) I made muslins. It took me three muslins to allow myself to use the fabric I wanted. I love that the patterns are designed for pear-shaped woman as I do not need alterations then. But as I always need to alter length I need to make sure that it still works. For the first muslin, I choose a size too large (I’m somehow between size 6 and 8 with Sewaholic patterns and started with size 8). I tried to alter here and there on my muslin and thought – hm, it seems I need a size smaller. So I made a smaller one. All the problems I had before were gone. The only part I needed to adjust was for my narrow shoulder. I already removed 1 cm but still was not happy. Then I tried something new to combine the fact that I’m not as tall as the average woman and to adjust to my narrow shoulders. I kept size 6 for everything except the neckline which I decided to be size 0. I connected the outer size 6 corner of the shoulder with the inner size 0 corner  of the shoulder. From my pattern drafting book I knew that I should keep the bigger armscye as it is also depending on the bust size. On the pattern, this grading between sizes looked a bit weird, so I made a third muslin just to be sure. And as I hoped and expected, it worked for me! I will keep this in mind to see if this is a strategy I can use in general.
Sewaholic Alma 2015-06-14_06
The fabric is quite sheer and in order to sew it really nice, I even made french seams. I cut the fabric carefully, so I had enough for the belt. But to be honest, I like it better without. And I love the little V-cut and the small sleeves. The balance of hips and shoulders is so much better!
Sewaholic Alma 2015-06-14_02
For sure, this won’t be the last Alma Blouse!



  1. Your alma turned out beautiful! the three muslins are now rewarded with a perfect fit! I think the belt looks kinda cute but I like it better without, too! :) Great job!

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