Another update on my dress form

My dress form got another update ;). Now that I got rid of the duct tape which always ruined my pins, I was still not happy. The duct tape was not stable enough for the PU foam, e.g. my dummy had a hunchback. Thus I took a big knife and removed all parts that did not resemble me. To further improve my dress form, I took inspiration from some sewing blogs regarding padding, customizing and covering a standard dress from (i.a. Gertie and her improved Veronica, Laura’s Dress Form Tutorial, Justine’s customized Dress Form and many more, but the most inspiration I took from La Sewista and her customized dress form.

My solution for the dress form stand has been a bar stool which I bought on sale. I removed the seat and replaced it with an area made of cardboard matching my dress form. Now I even have the possibility to adjust the height. I used sticky velcro so that the dress form stays fixed to the cardboard.

The fabric I used is quite stable – it is some kind of furniture fabric (rather for pillows or curtains). The fabric had some little flaws and so the saleslady often pointed out during cutting that it has flaws and that’s why it is cheaper to make sure that I am aware of it and not complaining afterwards. So I explained her what my real purpose is and that I will “cut around” the flaws :). I also bought a matching zipper and for the arms and neck I used bias binding. And this is what my dress form now looks like. It’s a continuous improvement ;). Unbenannt1 DSC01292a




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