The first Renfrew that will be worn outside home

Sewaholic Renfrew 2015-01-06_05
All good things come in threes. Well, now I did all kind of necklines available (View C). I really like that kind of collar, I already own some deeply loved, but bought pullover.

While sewing this shirt, I was particular careful. I do not have a serger, but I finished all my seems with the overlock stitch my sewing machine offers (which works fine). I used the correct needles (yeah, I have to admit that I used a universal needle before) and found out that it is indeed better to work with the matching needle. Another late than never moment…
Sewaholic Renfrew 2015-01-06_07
And I figured out the right distance from the sleeve seam for the twin needle. You wouldn’t recognize a difference to any bought shirt (as long as you do not look at the inside, but I don’t have any plans to ever wear this shirt inside-outside ;) ). I rather have to say that I wore it already at work together with black trousers and it felt great.



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