Next Renfrew with Small Shoulder Adjustment

Sewaholic Renfrew 2015-01-06_03As mentioned with my first Renfrew Shirt, for the next Sewaholic Renfrew I made a small shoulder adjustment. I used the tutorial from Coletterie. I chose this method as it would not change the length of armhole, only the curve. Well, I followed the tutorial not exactly. I tried first with marking the seam allowance and somehow it did not work as described. I don’t know why, but when I ignored the step with marking the seam allowance, it worked for me at least. And so I was able to remove 1cm shoulder width.

I will try the tutorial exactly with another pattern, but not for the Renfrew pattern. When I tried my “quick&dirty” attempt, the sewing result was beautiful. Now the shoulders are really fine. I used what was left from the previous shirt and bought some other green fabric with cute penguins to make a nice pyjama shirt (in case my small shoulder adjustment would have failed, it would still be wearable).

I also tried the twin needle (for the very first time) instead of the sleeve cuff. This will be my preferred method in the future. There will be some cuffs though (e.g. as color contrast with a short sleeve). My twin seam is quite narrow to the edge, so note to myself to change this the next time. The zig-zag stitching around the V-neck was not that nice than the last time. And I also made a little mistake with the V-neck but my mother thought that these little wrinkles were on purpose, so let’s leave it that way…
Sewaholic Renfrew 2015-01-06_02



  1. Looks fab, love the penguins!
    When i first read your post i read it as quirky and dirty not quick and dirty method, but i think its quirky too!
    I followed the same for my Colette Albion and it turned out fine, not tried it on anything yet. 😃

    • Thank you! I read some other explanations as well, the one from Burda and also one from my pattern drafting book, but the one from Colette made the most sense to me. We will see what the future brings :)

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