Better late than never Sewaholic Renfrew

Sewaholic Renfrew 2014-11-16_04I made my very first Renfrew Top. I follow the Sewaholic Blog for a very long time and always admired the different patterns, but never bought one. Not after the first retailers in Europa appeared and not even after the release of the first pdf-patterns. I was still reluctant. But then I tried Simplicity New Look 6838 and was not that happy. And I did not find any other good pattern in all the magazines of “Meine Nähmode” or other magazines (Knip, Patrones) I had so far. I thought about drafting one, but was not sure about the seam finishing. Since I’ve read so much about the Renfrew Shirt and its advantages with the hem finishing and not to forget to mention, I already saw quite a few hacks. So I went ahead and ordered the pdf pattern. Printing and assembly was easy and I decided to cut out a size 8. The only adjustment I made was a length adjustment (arms and body) which I always need. Nothing else was changed. Sewing the shirt was really easy, as I did not only read the instructions but also some of the Renfrew posts on the Sewaholic Blog. And the best part – I tried it on and it fitted really well at bust, waist and hip! I had assumed so because I know that I’m a bit pear-shaped – but I could not believe in it until I tried on. With most of the other patterns, I need to go grade at the hips or adjust otherwise. The only thing I still need to change is the shoulder – I definitely need a small shoulder adjustment. But that’s all – I already bought enough fabric to try the V-neck shirt and the cowl-neck shirt. And then I want to try the other kind of cowl-neck which I already tried with Simplicity New Look 6838. There will be some Renfrews to follow…
Sewaholic Renfrew 2014-11-16_02And this is only somehow a “muslin” Renfrew. I had to buy some knit fabric and this was one of the cheapest, but I’m not so fond about this colour. However, my bed does not care about the colour ;). And it is really cosy.



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