Simplicity 3503 – summer dress

Simplicity 3503 - Front This is the last dress that I made for my summer holidays (and I cannot believe that it is nearly christmas now). Once again, this pattern was issued in the magazine Meine Nähmode (02/2011) and I wanted to sew it for a long time. This time I chose size 36 and of course, I had to shorten the paper pattern first. As it is for knit fabrics, it was easy to sew (no zipper and in case it might be to tight, there is some stretch). Well, apart from the little issues one has when using only the sewing machine as I do not own a serger. And I lined the skirt (which is not part of the instructions). This dress is so comfortable and I loved wearing it during the holidays. But next time I will use some twill tape or something similar at certain positions. After some wearing and washing, the dress has stretched a bit and now I need to wear a top underneath. Luckily I have a nice one with lace. Otherwise I would risk unwanted insights ;)

And do you recognize the fabric? It is the same as for the shirt. I made the dress first (and posted last :() and from the leftover, I planned to make the shirt. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough so I needed to go back to the shop and buy some more. I just loved the print so much. Sadly to say, the quality is not the best which I realized after several washing. I still hope to wear the dress and the shirt at least for two more summers.
Simplicity 3503 - Back


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