Beach Dress – Simplicity 2939

I made it again. This is such a quick and simple dress – so I even made two of them for the summer holidays. The only thing I changed this time was to lower the back to have less fabric there. It is summer, so why cover the whole back ;).
Simplicity 2939 Summer Dress no.2Simplicity 2939 Summer Dress no.1The lace I used on the outside of the purple dress was the leftover from hemming the blue dress. I sewed the lace to the hem and then hand-sewed it. I really like this way of finishing a dress and I do it quite often (so did I with the last two dresses shown).
2014-10-19 Saum
And I always cut the upper part twice to have some kind of lining. With this kind of dress, I prefer lining rather than facing as it is quite easy and looks so much nicer.

I wore these dresses every day when we went to the beach – and that’s also why I made two. So I was able to change every day from one dress to the other ;)



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