Simplicity New Look 6749

Simplicity New Look 6749-2
I’ve sewn Simplicity New Look 6749 before, but with a different type of the upper bodice (View D). This time I decided to give View B a try as it would work perfectly with the fabric I had in mind. Luckily, this dress is available in my size (I got this pattern from the magazine “Meine Nähmode 02/2013”). Again, I made the back 2 cm smaller and I shortened the dress about 6cm already on my copy of the pattern and it still is loooong enough. And I had to shorten the straps also quite a lot even though I already shortened the pattern copy. Sometimes it makes quite a difference being almost 20 cm shorter than the average woman according to the pattern designer/companies ;).

As I made this type of dress already once, I finished quickly though working with the slippery fabric was often a challenge. But it was totally worth it. I finished it shortly before my beach holidays and it was a perfect dress for dinner at the hotel. Unfortunately, now it is too cold to wear it…
Simplicity New Look 6749-1


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