Simplicity New Look 6867

Simplicity New Look 6867-1
This dress was made for my summer beach holidays. I got this pattern with the magazine “Meine Nähmode 02/2013”, but again it started a size too big. With the good experience I made the last time, I graded all the parts of this dress to size 38. I chose some light and bright cotton fabric and I love this dress. I completely lined the dress which made some hand sewing necessary (maybe there is another way, but I did not figure out – the pattern itself is not with a lining). The only thing I forgot due to all the grading was to adjust the dress to my small height. Well, shortening the skirt was not a problem, but if I sew this dress again (and I think I will), I will need to shorten the waist part ;). Another thing I will change the next time is the position of the shoulder straps. They need to be more in the middle, but luckily, the straps do not fall of my shoulder.
Simplicity New Look 6867-2
Oh, and I omitted the zipper which was not the best idea. Putting it on is okay, but pulling the dress off is challenging. Blame on my laziness.


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