Simplicity New Look 6838 modified with cowl neck

Simplicity New Look 6838 cowl neckRecently I bought a shirt with cowl neck and I like it so much that I decided to try sewing one. I do not have a pattern for a top with cowl neck, so I browsed through all the patterns and gave Simplicity New Look 6838 a try. I had this pattern from a magazine (Meine Nähmode 01/2011), but it was only available in size M or bigger. With the help of Burda’s “Die neue Nähschule” I graded the pattern down to what I thought was size S, but I still had to take about 3 centimeters in at the side. After grading and copying, I modified the neckline. I took the instructions from the book “Schnittkonstruktion für Damenmode” and I am so happy that it worked out nicely. I really like this shirt a lot, but still for the next shirt, I rather take another pattern that fits in size from the beginning. Then I need less alterations :). And I need to search some nice tutorials for adding bias tape as the back neckline is stretching out a bit.


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