Patrones 335 Top 18

I do not speak Spanish at all but I like the Patrones sewing magazine a lot. This top was labeled as easy, and it was. I did not need to read the instructions, all I had to do was to copy the pattern pieces and everything came together easily. I made french seams since I used some light fabric. And because I just learned them by making a muslin for the Colette Taffy blouse, which was a total fail. I would need to alter there too much…. But back to the Patrones top. There, I had the chance to further practice french seams. For the neckline and the armhole, I used bias binding. On the neckline, I made it on my own and afterwards, for the armhole I decided to buy some. I also added some lace ribbon.
Patrones 335-18 Front
Patrones 335-18 Back
Unfortunately, it emphasizes my body type (peach) too much so I will use it as pyjama. I still have some fabrics left to make some matching shorts. But I love the pleat detail and will sew it again, and to balance everything out, I want to add some sort of sleeves, maybe a cap sleeve.
Patrones 335-18 Pleats



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