Update on my duct tape dress form

It’s been quite a while since I made my duct tape dummy. By now, the filling made of old cushion somehow shrunk and so I decided this time to fill the form with expandable (PU) foam. I saw some other doing this with their dress form, but often they made the shell out of plaster bandages. But I wanted to give it a try. I went to the next home improvement store and bought a can. I filled it into my duct tape shell, but it wasn’t enough. It didn’t expand as much as I thought. So I went and bought another one. But still, I wasn’t filled up ;). In addition, it did not really harden (it does not even now) and stayed somehow flexible. So I went a third time and bought another type of expandable foam. And then it worked out really nice.

I filled up some of the little holes, sawed ;) the bottom and sewed a little black cover for my dummy. And finally I can easily pin needles into the dummy. It was hard with the duct tape and afterwards, the needles were coverd with glue…

Et voila! My new (old) dress form that looks more like me than any bought one.



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