Knip July 2011 “Jurk 22”

Knip July 2011
This dress was challenging. I never ripped off so many seams (and often twice or more). And I don’t think the problem was that it is a dutch magazine and I do not really speak dutch. Some parts were understandable due to resemblance to german words, and I even translated some parts with google translator. I got the impression that the description itself is not very detailed, because what I read and translated were quite basic instructions. But no explanation how to move on with the pleats in the upper front piece and especially the skirt! I somehow managed to get the pleats at the back (and do not know if they are right this way) and then I decided to do simple box pleats at the front.
Knip July 2011
The fit at the waist is great, but at the bust it’s a bit to big (I admit that I did not sew a muslin before) and I had to sew it together to prevent gaping. And I do not even know why, according to the measurements of the size I chose my bust measurement would be even a bit more. When starting, I feared that I risk the upper body being too tight. Well…

I added a lace band to the skirt and then sewed by hand. I saw this at several sewing blog and I liked it a lot, so I decided to give it a try.

Luckily, I went on holidays the week after and could wear it. At home, it would have been too cold. But somehow I was more thrilled to sew some summer dresses (in september!) and I will show the other two soon.




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