Ikea curtains as room divider for my brother

In the last two weeks, I didn’t manage much sewing. I only made curtains for my brother so he won’t see the mess in the rest of the attic (which is used as a storage room). Before, he had only ONE small curtain which did not cover everything. We bought the KVARTAL system and some fabric and I sewed the together. VERY complicated :mrgreen:.

IMG_4806 Window on the left, wardrobe on the right and you won’t see anything behind the little opening towards the rest of the attic.

I was busy doing other stuff the last two weeks. On Friday, the 15th, I got a call that I’ll get the job I was applying for. On the weekend, I was searching for flats. On monday, I called the responsible persons to get to know that one was already gone, for the other I need to be older than 50 years, and for the next one I got an appointment for Thursday. On Thursday, I visited the flat (and went to IKEA to buy all the stuff for my brother). Next Monday, I hope to sign the contract for the flat. As it is only available mid of april, I needed an apartment for the time in between. On the last weekend, I visited a furnished apartment (in which I will now live in for the next two months) and handed in my signed working contract.
I bought a cabinet for the living room as it was a special offer only valid until the end of February and drove it home two days later together with my brother who borrowed a big car from his company. It’s now standing in my parents living room ;) and will stay there a couple of weeks. I also bought new shoes for work ;). And on Monday, I’ll start with my new job!


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