Travel Documents Organizer

Travel Documents Organizer_02
Seems like I’d want to go on a holiday trip… When I found two tutorials for a travel organizer (first one here, second one here) I knew I wanted my own. In red, of course! Inspired by these tutorials and other pictures of organizers I looked up in google, I made my own version of a travel documents organizer. Inside, I used a fancy stitch as well (at least my sewing machine offers them and I should use them more often!). Now I have space for my flight or train documents, my ID card or the international passport (depending on what I’ll need), driver’s license, credit card, boarding pass, and and and…

Travel Documents Organizer_03
Christmas holidays are over and tomorrow I’m going back to “school”to continue my further education for another 5 weeks. I guess I’ll have less time fo sewing then.

Apart from sewing, today I was the first time running again after my 5 weeks break. I was afraid it might be really hard, but it was easier than I thought. I ran my usual distance and I didn’t need a walking break which made me happy. I guess it took me a bit longer than usual, but that’s fine with me.



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