Travel Tissue Holder – Tatüta

To get rid of my growing pile of fabric scraps I made several travel tissue holder (also called Tatüta in German – Taschentüchertasche :)). I found three different tutorials. Let’s start with the first: Rick Rack Travel Tissue Holder Tutorial from The Cottage Home. This is a very easy tutorial and I quickly made four of them.
Travel Tissue Holder - Tatüta 02
This is the design I’ve seen quite often for travel tissue holders. But I found a different one that made me curious: The Kleenex pouch tutorial from tishastamps. Again, really easy to make and I ended up with another four.
Travel Tissue Holder - Tatüta 03
These are all “flat” tissue holders and they get their form after putting in the tissue. But I found an amazing tutorial (from casa soleggiata, in german, but with lots of pictures) that explains how to get the tissue holders in form. And the best is – with this tutorial you’ll manage to have the same height at every corner. And you could handle stripes. And they match perfectly to the tissue package! I highly recommend it to you!
Travel Tissue Holder - Tatüta 01
The only thing I changed was that I used a second piece of fabric as lining. I made a paper pattern according to the instructions and cut it out two times. Once the outside fabric, once the lining.




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