Six-Pocket Bag

After my temporary (3-months) engagement as lecturer, I’m unemployed again. That means a lot of time again for sewing, at least for a month. And then I’ll go back to “school” to attend a course for life science graduates, who want to work in industry. I will learn about several laws, project management, some business basics and so on. Isn’t it amazing how fast one can switch sides from teaching to being teached ;).

I used my (new additional) time for sewing a bag I pinned long ago on pinterest. It’s a very easy tutorial for a simple six-pocket bag.

First I had to calculate (or rather say let google calculate) all the inches in centimetres, but then the bag was quickly sewn together. It’s made of two identical parts and the instructions are very clear.

When my mom saw the new bag, she begged me to sew one for her, too. She reads her newspaper on the train to work and always carries it (and an umbrella) in a second bag where she has easy access to it. So the next day, I made another six-pocket bag.

Six-Pocket Bag (1)First bag – my bag

Six-Pocket Bag (2)Second bag – mom’s bag

2012-08-18 Six Pocket BagBoth bags happily together

Any other tutorials for bags out there you would recommend me? Then I could get rid of more fabric scraps.



    • Thanks a lot! I even consider buying an inch-lineal, but I’m not sure wheater I might find something like this easily in Germany. But it would save some time…

  1. Very nice and easy pattern. Bags! ♥ I got so many bag patterns on my To-sew list, for example:
    If you have two bigger pieces, Estelle from burda:
    Not as easy as your pattern, but my favourite: Claire or Julie from Machwerk–Tasche-Anleitung-Schnitt
    I could go on :) Can you ever have enough bags? :D

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