Another simplicity 2444 inspired dress

I totally fell in love with my white-flowered dress I drafted inspired by simplicity 2444. Therefore I decided I need another one. I had some blue fabric left which had been used for a ssimplicity 2594 top for my mum. I had to add a piece to the skirt because in the end the fabric was not enough and I had to do the front skirt of two parts. Luckily, the print on the pattern helps that it’s not that visible. This is also why the skirt is a bit shorter than in the first dress.
Simplicity 2444 in dark blueEven though I used the same pattern, it somehow looks different – I think mostly because of the shorter skirt. It’s playful now (which I also like), but if I do one again, I will choose the longer skirt.
simplicity 2444 in dark blue (2)
(Do you recognize the added piece in the front part?)


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