Shortening the length of jeans

Why didn’t got to know this earlier!!! I need to shorten nearly all of my trousers and I found some tutorials “how to keep the original hem” (like here or here) on pinterest. This was soooooo easy! I already sewed by hand to have an invisible stitch, but then one couldn’t see the typical hem. I cut the excess of and then sewed it again, but then the hem didn’t look like the original one. But with the last jeans I bought, I tried to apply my newly acquired knowledge on heming a jeans. Even though the new trousers were already a short size, I had to get rid of another 6 centimetres. So I folded the jeans and measured 3 centimetres from the original hem and pinned everything in place.
Then I sewed next to the original hem, first with a loop (I thought it won’t make that of a difference, but it does not look good after turning), so I tried a second, better seam. I didn’t cut off the excess fabric as suggested in the tutorial I used. Then I turned the jeans on the right side, and only in a close up you can see the alteration on the hem.
But you won’t recognize it when I wear my altered jeans (especially as most people are even taller than me and have to look far more down ;)). I still can’t believe how easy this was!



  1. Did you press the seam allowance apart? You really don’t see that it was shortened. Looks much better than just shortening because you keep the washing at the hem. Really nice! I’m just 1,65m and I have shorten all of my jeans, so thank you for this post! :)

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