Another self-drafted dress

Finally, I’ll show you my next summer dress made out of the purple dotted fabric you were already able to catch a glimpse of. Again, I took the bodice I’ve drawn for the other summer dress and used it for this fake wrap dress:

self drafted dress 2a
self drafted dress 2b

In the back, I used elastic instead of gathering and I didn’t need a zipper then. For the armholes and the neckline I used self-made bias tape (english tutorial here – a german one on the Hobbyschneiderin website). Maybe I add two white buttons to emphasize the wrap look (I was inspired by a summer dress a saw in an United Colors of Benetton shop). I will wear it mostly at the beach, at the lake, or in my spare time. The cotton fabric I chose is not ideal for a dress, unfortunately. It’s to sturdy and hard to iron (in this pictures, I just ironed it shortly before). But hey, this is my second self-drafted dress and I proud of it. Now I only need to learn to choose the right fabric ;).


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