Summer dress inspired by simplicity 2444

After successfully sewing a muslin, I went on with my summer dress. I took me a whole day and in the end I was fighting with sewing in the zipper. Earlier that day I sewed a zipper in my mum’s dress which went smoothly. It seems that my dress thought it would be funny for me to rip some seams. But I won the fight and I’ll give this dress myself as a present for my 30th birthday.

Summer dress - front

I even added a lining to the dress using the fabric I removed from the old skirts my mum gave me.


I also realized by looking at my photos that I urgently need a haircut. Has been some time now.



  1. Lovely fabric! Your dress is so fresh and lovely! I think the best strategy is the one you employed: great fabric = simple lines OR great lines = simple fabric.

  2. Thanks a lot! And it’s true, that’s a good strategy to follow. But sometimes you can even combine great fabric and great lines and get the double wow effect.

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