Drafting my own dress inspired by simplicity 2444 (Part 2)

In my next step I took my template pattern and traced a working pattern. For the front part, I changed the darts according to the drawing of simplicity 2444. For the back part, I was playing around with the darts to have a nice fit for my rather sway back. Then I used the pattern for a muslin. My dress will have the zipper at the side where it won’t be a problem if it’s a bit bulky ;). I’m quite happy with the fit of the front part (even though I accidentally sewed the darts to high), but I don’t like the fit of the back part. So I made a new working pattern for the back, using a different set of darts. In my book it is called an english seam, but I suppose the right translation would be princess seam.
I kept the front of the muslin and added the new back part. Now it is soo much better. I’m only thinking about two parallel darts at the front (I saw both versions at simplicity 2444) since the dart is quite big. Using two darts might result in a better fit and a better look.
So, next step: the skirt!


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