Drafting my own dress inspired by simplicity 2444 (Part 1)

Following several sewing and styling blogs, I stumbled upon simplicity 2444. I love how this dress looks and it seems so flattering.

And I knew that I need a dress like this. But I’m not having this pattern. So what to do? Now that I bought myself a book about pattern drafting and was successful with my first pieces, I decided to draw my own pattern inspired by simplicity 2444. There’s a chapter in the book which explains how to change the darts so that I’ll have them like in the original. Only need to figure out how to draft the skirt or let’s say how to integrate the pleats into the skirt pattern.

I started with the top pattern I already made, even though it was constructed as a so-called fit class size 5 (which is more loose-fitting). I made a muslin of the top part, but it was too wide. That why I did a second pattern, this time fit class size 3 (a more tight class). Comparing both patterns in the end, I realized why it was too wide in the beginning. I did a light mistake (easy to correct). But still, I will need the size 3 pattern.

This is the finished pattern which I can use as a template for several tight tops, shirts or blouses.



  1. I am so impressed that you drafted this yourself. It is such a beautiful fit. I really want to learn how to draft and I have taken my first steps with an amalgamation of YouTube and bloggers advice with a skirt block. Small steps but hopefully I will be able to draft something lovely like this dress real soon!

    • Thank you! I love working with instructions and they are really good in the book I choose. I recommend you buying a book as well, I’m sure there are good ones in english. I also started with explanations from the internet, but having a book next to me is the best. I prefer drafting at the moment, because I ALWAYS have to alter patterns. I’m just not tall enough.

      You’re creations look good as well. And with a great fit!

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