Summer dress for my mum – simplicity 3877

When I showed my mum the last issue of “Meine Nähmode” (spring 2012), she immediately fell in love with simplicity 3877. A few weeks ago I went to my old university in Munich and handed in some printed copies of my PhD thesis in order to finally get my certificate. Afterwards I met my mom and we went fabrics shopping in Munich. She found a lovely summer cotton fabric at Karstadt that was perfect for the dress.

At first, we made a muslin out of an old tablecloth ;) and the upper part didn’t fit at all – maybe due to the fact that the pattern was labelled as a double size (42/44). Now that I had my book for fashion drawing, I decided to skip alterations and draw the upper part according to her measurements.

Simplicity 3877 (2)Instead of princess seams I made a dart and I was so happy that the first try was a perfect fit! So in our next step we took the good fabric. The skirt was a lot of work, not complicated, but lots to do. Eight panels for the skirt together with eight godets to sew in! Not to forget to later serge all the hems.

Simplicity 3877 (1)The wrapping of the dress is only fake and we did not have a zipper at home, so far for the pictures, the dress is hold together with safety pins ;).

simplicity 3877 (3)
She loves her new dress and especially the skirt. If she wouldn’t get dizzy immediately, she would turn around all day like she did when she was a little child :mrgreen:. It’s really a pity that it is so cold at the moment and she has to wait to wear it.



  1. Wow, I love this!
    BTW Miriam, I remember long ago I came across one of your skirts (?) with ‘hidden’ zipper?? How did you manage that? tutorial please? :)

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