Self-drafted top

Now that I bought myself a book about pattern-drafting, I was wondering what top I could try. I was browsing through several online shops and found a nice striped top with inverted pleat on the neckline and plain bias trim. As this top was only my inspiration, I didn’t use striped fabric and no plain bias, but red fabric leftover from my last blouse, and lace. For my first attempt, it’s turned out really well!
Self-drafted top
Upper part in more detail:
Self-drafted top - front detail



  1. That looks like a great start. Are you happy with the fit?

    I’ve just made my first skirt based on my own pattern block. It’s an exciting process isn’t it? I wonder if you, like me, still feel you have a lot to learn.

  2. Thank you both! The fit is really good. I don’t have the feeling that I still have a lot to learn. I alread had to understand how to alter patterns as I’m small and more and more things. But I now understand sewing patterns better. In my case, the learning process is just developing further and further. When I need a new technique, I’m “updating” myself and I’m exited as soon as it works out.

  3. Adorable! Great job. If you already wrote this in another post, my apologies, but which pattern book did you pick up? I’m very interested in drafting my own patterns, too.

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