Simplicity 3624 summer top

The next summer top I tried was Simplicity 3624. In my sewing magazine, the pattern started (again) at size 38/40. Therefore I made a muslin to see whether my changes make sense. I sewed the pieces together and tried it on – and thought I had done some big mistakes in calculating. It was sooo narrow and didn’t fit at all. I really thought: “Now I have to do the paper pattern all over again”, but then I realized I just made the french seams wrong. It was the first time I tried them as I liked the idea of having nice seams. When I thought about it, I also realized I had to be careful to have a seam allowance of 1.5cm. But what did I do during sewing – I sewed 1.5cm on the right site, folded it and sewed on the wrong side then. Which meant that I had 3cm seams in the end!!! No wonder the top didn’t fit anymore ;). I had so much fun with my seam ripper then… And guess what, doing the right seams leads to a top that fits. Surprise, surprise! So my calculation had been right and now I can try another top using the lovely fabric I recently bought.

So, here is the “real” simplicity 3624 summer top. The colour of the top fits perfectly to jeans and I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer. March is lurking around the corner, and I guess spring is about to come???

No french seams this time, but a nice lining again. And I love the little sleeves. I think about another simplicity 6570 summer top with sleeves as well. I also thought about this top without sleeves, but they makes it look so much better. Otherwise it looks more like an A-shaped top and as I’m rather pear-shaped, it would set a focus on my hips. The sleeves provide the right balance.

Simplicity 3624



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