Croquis for sewing

On several sewing blogs I saw people doing croquis – either drawn on paper, some combining with pieces of fabric they want to use or with the help of the computer. Most of them were inspired by “The Colette Sewing Handbook”. For both methods, they take a picture of themselves and then draw a line around their silhouette. In Photoshop, GIMP, or any other picture processing program, with some painting, adjusting brightness and contrast, the rest of the pictures disappears. I did this with myself this weekend – and then I decided to add the clothes I’m thinking about to sew. This is how it looks like:

First, I thought I could copy and cut the drawings from simplicity, but as I have to alter the dresses a lot concerning length, I would have to do this with the pictures as well. The proportions didn’t fit then anymore.

Drawing by hand with the mouse is not that easy, but printing myself on paper and drawing then wasn’t the best either – you’ll always see the silhouette shining through. Working with layers in an image program has at least an advantage.

The colours are what they could look like, but that’s not sure for now. In total, it looks good so far. I hope in real, too. At least for my mini-me on the right I hope it doesn’t look like pajamas as I imagine at the moment ;).


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