Simplicity 6000

The last time I was shopping (more looking than actually buying) for more formal clothings, I also found a really nice sheath dress from S’Oliver. The fit was really good compared to many other sheath dresses. But still, I would need to shorten it and fix the shoulder part  – too much work for the price I should pay. And I thought it can’t be to hard to sew this dress. A simple dress with princess seams and a waistband. From the patterns I had at home, simplicity 6000 and 2453 were really close to it. I decided to go for View E, but without sleeves.

I still had some fabric left I used for the trousers and the vest which was perfect for this dress, too. First of all I made a muslin because of all the changes. I removed 1cm at “armheight”, 3cm to put my waist in place, and additional 7cm for the skirt.

Size 36 was a bit tight around my hips (maybe I should have done this) – but I decided just to cut a bit more and use less seam allowance. Worked perfectly, on the dress itself everything is fine. In contrast to the pattern, I put the zipper to the side, not to the back. I’m still working on making the zipper perfectly invisible, and on the side my arms are there (just in case). I was better this time, but still need to practise.

Simplicity 6000 (2)

I’m so proud of how this dress turned out. I like it!

Simplicity 6000 (3)

There is a belt on the dress I imitated, and I found some nice, thin belts I can also use as accessory for other occasions.



  1. Beautiful dress! You did a really great job and it sounds like you took your time to make it work for you. It will be a staple in your closet for years to come.

    When it gets chilly, pair a fun scarf with those beautiful belts and you’ll turn heads :)

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