Another project which is perfect for my fabric leftovers. Pincushions! I stumbled upon them on pinterest and then searched for more tutorials.

First, I was using the tutorial from creative kismet. The only problem I got was how to divide the circle in 6 pieces without a set square, but thanks to google I found another idea how to draw a 60° angle. I also used the leftovers for the filling. It was a lot of work to cut it into small little pieces – but I got enough. Afterwards, I had a cramp in my right hand ;). What a nice way to reuse my fabric leftovers!

pincushion (3)

Then I thought I could also try the Quick-pieced Pincushion Tutorial from verryberryhandmade. Buttons I also have enough since my mom always removes them from damaged clothes that can not be donated.

pincushion (4)

Both are very easy tutorials with good explanations. It took me only little time for the two pincushions. What am I going to do next???


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