Discovering Pinterest

Some of the sewing blogs I follow drew my attention to the website Pinterest. I really liked the idea behind and requested an invitation. I thought that it would be great to pin sewing ideas or other inspirations. The last time I saw the jacket with the bow, I bookmarked the whole page. Later on I always had to scroll and search for the particular entry. Pinterest would make it much more easier. I waited and waited, but nothing happened. Then, finally, Julie was so kind so send me an invitation. And I already spent some time there. Just have a look at my boards so far:

And I realized that currently, lace is everywhere. On dresses, trousers, blouses, shoes and of course, wedding dresses. I’m wondering whether a british royal wedding has something to do with this trend ;).


One comment

  1. It’s SO addictive!

    It’s not just good for bookmarking things I want to keep track of, but also for looking for ideas and inspiration. I’ve been searching for color palettes: Teal and Red, for example, and then looking at what people have pinned, that combine those two colors.

    Or, thinking about designing a cape, just searching for “capes” and seeing gorgeous photos of other people’s favorites.

    Some days I go just in search of something beautiful to add to my day.

    I hope you enjoy!

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