Simplicity 2520 vest with a lot of changes

After finishing my first trousers, I needed at least a vest to complete the outfit. The pattern of my last vest was a bit too short for this kind of purpose, so I chose simplicity 2520. But I had to alter a few things. I made it shorter (because this one is too long) and I didn’t want to have a collar. Again I made a muslin, too many changes so I didn’t dare to use the good fabric. And Ikeas Bomull is perfect for muslins ;). In my magazine which had the pattern, they were given as double sizes and I chose 36/38 (10/12) even though I made better experiences with size 36 so far. I didn’t do a lining like the last time (no lining fabrics left) so I was a bit more “creative”. And I did a lot of hand-stitching as I wanted to be the vest to look consistent. Which ment only hidden seams. Not to forget the buttons. I could have done the buttons with my machine, but I thought I’m faster this way. In the end, the vest looks like this:
simplicity 2520 vestsimplicity 2520 vest
To get a better fit, I had to remove two centimetres on each side seam – the double size didn’t work for me. Now it’s not that flattering anymore. I still think that it is not perfect, but considering that so many bought clothes do not fit really that much better, I’m satisfied with me.


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