Progress in learning and sewing

I mostly quit sewing (well, the dress is nearly ready and nothing I need to do) and focused on learning. I don’t worry about the question about and around my thesis. But for the general part, I  don’t even know what to learn – officially they could ask anything about biology, at least biochemistry (and this is still looooots). Everyone I asked told me they were asked about things somehow related to their thesis. Great! This narrows it down to nearly all of the metabolic pathways, organelles, antibiotics, transport mechanisms… ;) Therefore, I grabbed my old books I used during my studies and apart from that, several research papers about my research field and those of the examiners.

And for the sewing part: oh, this was a lot of fun. Plaid is horrible, I knew that matching the fabric pattern would be challenging, but so difficult? In the end, I made it work except for the upper back part. But it’s still okay, and it will be separated by the zipper. Which I still need to sew in. And the seam of the skirt, but I decided to get some help from my mom so that it is a straight one when wearing it. And this is complicated – wearing it and pinning in the needles :).

In general, I like the dress. Might sew another one. But then with plain fabric! I could use some of my ornamental stitches then to make it less “boring”.


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