A perfect summer dress

About two weeks ago I finished the simplicity 2939 dress. It’s really easy to sew and especially after I already made the top version. Last weekend, after checking the weather forecast, I decided to ask my boss on monday if I could take the rest of the week free. He agreed, I drove home and enjoyed the days at the lake together with my mom. This was also the perfect occasion to wear my new dress. I love it! It has a sunny, friendly colour and the light fabric is really suitable for hot weather.
Simplicity 2939 Dress
This time I decided to sew the front part as one piece, not made out of two pieces sewn together. I forgot about the seam allowance of simplicity patterns and first wondered why the front part is too wide. Then the position of the darts of the upper front part and the “skirt” part did not match and I realized. So I just sewed it together in the middle and added edge stitches like it would have been when sewing with two top pieces ;). Nevermind, it looks great.


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