Another simplicity top

Sewing with the new machine was a lot of fun – my earlier attempts failed due to either a sewing machine that drove me mad or that the thing I sewed did not fit. During the process of searching for a new and good machine, I also stumbled across a lot of information about sewing itself. This helps a lot now :).

Therefore I needed more fabrics. Last weekend I got into the car and drove to Karstadt in Viernheim, who also has some fabrics there. I knew that there were road works on the highway, but didn’t take the country road as I thought that at this particular time in the afternoon, there wouldn’t be so much cars around. Well, wrong thought. Instead of 15 minutes, it took me 45 minutes to get there. And it was really hot and my car does not have an air con. All I could do was opening the windows and the sunroof. Nevertheless, I found some nice fabrics.

And a green dotted fabric I chose to sew the simplicity 2594 top. Again, I shortened it. Next time I will also adjust the shoulder width, it is a bit to wide. To much fabric under the arm. It looks really good on the dress form, and it’s okay on me. Friends of mine told me that it would not look as “bad” as I think, still the next time I will alter this.

Simplicity 2594


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