Simplicitiy 2939 top

As I told you already, I sewed several pieces from the magazine “Meine Nähmode” (the summer 2011 issue). This time it was something for me. I first tried the top, to see if it is nice and would make a dress too then.

I was not quite sure which size to use as my mothers dress got quite large so I chose the size I usually buy my clothes and cutted out the pieces for a size 38. I shortened the length at mid-arm size and also in between as I am really short. Even shorter than my mom (only 1.5m). This is all I adjusted. I didn’t have any problems during sewing. Next time I could even try seize 36. Now I can easily pull it over and didn’t even need the zipper, which I therefore left out .

I think it’s perfect for the summer, it’s light (as it was more a try I used cotton from IKEA) and feels comfortable. It looks good from the back and the front, from the side I imagine to look a bit pregnant. Or just fat :mrgreen:. But I guess that’s only my imagination. Being a bit overcritical.

I’m quite sure to sew the dress as well and maybe another piece with a patterned fabric.

Simplicity 2939



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