Finished project – sewed a handbag

Some month ago I found a nice and free tutorial for the “Blossom Handbag” by Amy Butler on SewMamaSew. And I knew immediately I had to give it a try. So two weeks ago I went to Ikea to buy some fabric. (On the way home my car stopped suddenly and I had to call the ADAC – the crankshaft sensor was somehow damaged – which means that the car would stop whenever he likes to :(. Not a big problem, only quite expensive for such a little thing. But I had horror visions about a broken motor or things like that –  I mean the warning lamp was the one which indicates a motor problem!).

Then I started sewing on the machine I got from my grandma – an old machine originally bought at ALDI (supermarket) – which already made some problems and this time decided to stop sewing after a few pieces. So I had to wait until I got home, sewed there a bit and borrowed the machine so I could finish.

And – tataaaa – my new handmade bag!
Amy Butler Blossom Bag (3)
I choose to use two zippers and added pockets for my mobile phone and other little things.
Amy Butler Blossom Bag (2)
Amy Butler Blossom Bag (1)

And now I want to buy myself a good sewing machine. The one my mother has is also a cheap one and I had to be careful and slow and and and … to sew this bag with her machine. She is fine with her machine as she only sews from time to time. I’d like to go on and sew more clothing and other stuff. I went already to a store to see the one I liked from the internet and now I even want to buy one which is 150 euros above my original limit ;). Going to the store was no good idea :D. For my original limit, I would get either a stronger motor for thick fabrics or deco stitches. But after seeing what both machines can do, I like to have a combination of both…  And such a machine is more expensive, no wonder. Having sewing fever is not good :mrgreen:.


By the way, the scarf isn’t finished yet ;).



  1. Wow that’s really pretty! I love the fabric and the way it looks! Can you maybe send me the pattern? I’d love to give it a try (or let my mom give it a try lol, depends on how difficult it is, I’m still on a beginners level when it comes to sewing ;))

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