Sewing a notebook sleeve

My old notebook got retired this august – after 8 years it worked slow, crushed several times and so on. So I decided to buy a new one. I love my new notebook, and it needed some good protection. As it is bigger than the old one, it doesn’t fit into the old bag. Then there was an offer for notebook sleeves at Aldi, but they were too small as well. And I didn’t really like the colours or fabrics used for sleeves offered in other shops. So I decided to sew an individual one. If other could do it, why not I? I went to IKEA and bought myself some nice fabric and at OBI I found foam plastic for protection. To make it look individual, I took several colourful yarns and stitched the flowers on the fabric.

Afterwards I encased the foam plastic with the fabric and sewed it to get a big rectangle. Then I folded it and sewed it together in the size of my notebook. I didn’t have a zipper first (it would have been so much easier to add it earlier!!!!), but I just added it afterwards.

And now I have my own notebook sleeve :D.

Notebook sleeve
(most of the pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them)



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