Orchids exhibition

Last weekend there had been an orchids exhibition which I visited on sunday (and my parents and even my brother drove from Munich to Ulm to join me). It was really interesting and much nicer that the garden fair I’ve been the day before (this one was quite boring, the best part was that I was able to buy an old sort of begonia for my balcony).

So, just let the pictures speak (taken by my brother):

More picture can be found here.

Easter table decoration

Remember my Christmas table decoration? I suddenly switched from christmas to easter as the weather is not supporting any winter themes. It has been quite warm the last weeks (around 5 to 10°C) and it feels more like spring than like winter. Even some of the trees had started to bloom!

Therefore, spring can be found in my apartment now as well. I redecorated the table thingy:



I have two versions – one for all the tea lights from IKEA I still have and the second version with the yellow candles as I already imagined. I just have to switch the holders.


Speaking of IKEA, I also found some flowers I can use as soon as easter is over. But it seems I need to buy purple candles then ;)


And as tulips are now available again, this is the already the third time I’ve bought them. And I will continue…


Christmas table decoration

No sewing lately. Not even non-clothes stuff. But I do not feel like sewing now that I gained four kilo the last four months. Lots of good food during the holidays in september and now I could eat sweets all day. I might be a squirrel before hibernation ;) . Maybe I should catch up with running again and do sports regularly. I’m really lazy regarding this. And now I do not even bike to work any more.

So, all I can share with you is my christmas decoration. I added fairy light to the balcony and I bought a frame for table decorations. For the christmas season, it looks like this right now.


When the fir branches are to dry, I want to replace them with lots more christmas baubles. I’m going home to my parents for christmas next week and I plan to take with me all the baubles that won’t make it on my parents christmas tree ;) . For Easter, I want to add moss and painted eggs. And nice yellow pillar candles. I’m not so sure what to use between Christmas and Easter. In summer, maybe sunflowers. For autumn, I can imagine faux apples or pumpkins… Lots of ideas to put into effect.

Meine Nähmode Sommer 2013


I did not by the autumn edition, but the summer edition. And forgot to talk about it. And now even the winter edition is on sale. I’m still thinking whether I want to buy this one, so far there is only one pattern I’d like to have. Regarding the price of the magazine, it would already be worth buying it. We will see.

But back to the summer edition – some more dresses for an increasing sewing list. I already made simplicity New Look 6749 and I love this pattern. I guess there will be more to follow using the other styles available. Apart from that, I’d like to sew the dress from the cover (New Look 6122). And maybe Simplicity 1872. I’d also like to sew Simplicity 6876, but it starts with size 40, so I need to downgrade… And much more – I like nearly every pattern in the summer issue. But there are still waiting some other ;).