Simplicity New Look 6867

Simplicity New Look 6867-1
This dress was made for my summer beach holidays. I got this pattern with the magazine “Meine Nähmode 02/2013″, but again it started a size too big. With the good experience I made the last time, I graded all the parts of this dress to size 38. I chose some light and bright cotton fabric and I love this dress. I completely lined the dress which made some hand sewing necessary (maybe there is another way, but I did not figure out – the pattern itself is not with a lining). The only thing I forgot due to all the grading was to adjust the dress to my small height. Well, shortening the skirt was not a problem, but if I sew this dress again (and I think I will), I will need to shorten the waist part ;). Another thing I will change the next time is the position of the shoulder straps. They need to be more in the middle, but luckily, the straps do not fall of my shoulder.
Simplicity New Look 6867-2
Oh, and I omitted the zipper which was not the best idea. Putting it on is okay, but pulling the dress off is challenging. Blame on my laziness.

Simplicity New Look 6838 modified with cowl neck

Simplicity New Look 6838 cowl neckRecently I bought a shirt with cowl neck and I like it so much that I decided to try sewing one. I do not have a pattern for a top with cowl neck, so I browsed through all the patterns and gave Simplicity New Look 6838 a try. I had this pattern from a magazine (Meine Nähmode 01/2011), but it was only available in size M or bigger. With the help of Burda’s “Die neue Nähschule” I graded the pattern down to what I thought was size S, but I still had to take about 3 centimeters in at the side. After grading and copying, I modified the neckline. I took the instructions from the book “Schnittkonstruktion für Damenmode” and I am so happy that it worked out nicely. I really like this shirt a lot, but still for the next shirt, I rather take another pattern that fits in size from the beginning. Then I need less alterations :). And I need to search some nice tutorials for adding bias tape as the back neckline is stretching out a bit.

Patrones 335 Top 18

I do not speak Spanish at all but I like the Patrones sewing magazine a lot. This top was labeled as easy, and it was. I did not need to read the instructions, all I had to do was to copy the pattern pieces and everything came together easily. I made french seams since I used some light fabric. And because I just learned them by making a muslin for the Colette Taffy blouse, which was a total fail. I would need to alter there too much…. But back to the Patrones top. There, I had the chance to further practice french seams. For the neckline and the armhole, I used bias binding. On the neckline, I made it on my own and afterwards, for the armhole I decided to buy some. I also added some lace ribbon.
Patrones 335-18 Front
Patrones 335-18 Back
Unfortunately, it emphasizes my body type (peach) too much so I will use it as pyjama. I still have some fabrics left to make some matching shorts. But I love the pleat detail and will sew it again, and to balance everything out, I want to add some sort of sleeves, maybe a cap sleeve.
Patrones 335-18 Pleats

Verona – Day 3

For our last (half) day we did not have any plans since we visited Basilica di San Zeno and Convento di San Bernadino already on Day 2. We had a short look on the leaflet that we got together with our Verona Cards and decided to walk to Juliet’s tomb which also includes a museum.

After that, we just walked around the places we had seen the two days earlier, enjoyed the lovely weather and at the same time, were sad that we had to leave soon. We stumbled upon a nice Italian restaurant where we took lunch as we would arrive in Munich the late evening. Then we went back to our hotel to fetch our luggage (we checked out already in the morning, but could leave our luggage there until we finally left Verona). When arriving at the main station, we nearly chose the wrong platform as I was checking the arrival table and we would have chosen the platform for the train that arrived from Munich. But then I noticed that the train number was (only) slightly different and then I realized that I should rather check the departure table ;)

Verona – Day 2

On our second day, we had wanted to start with Chiesa San Fermo Maggiore. But as we arrived, it was still closed. We were about one hour too early. I had roughly planned the second day ahead and as our tour was supposed to end where we started, we decided to visit the church at the end of our round trip. Only a few metres along Via Portoni, we reached Porta Leoni. And only few metres again, we reached Juliet’s House. Well at least it is said to be the one ;). No matter, it is still a very beautiful house. There is a museum inside which we entered again for free – we only had to use our Verona card. And we were really lucky to be so early. When we entered the courtyard with the statue of Juliet, is was nearly empty.

From the museum, you can also step on the balcony. And when looking down on the previous empty courtyard, it was full of tourist. No empty space to watch anymore. Afterwards, we headed towards Piazza delle Erbe.

The surrounding houses of this place are really beautiful! There is a market on the place where you can buy lots of stuff, mostly touristic. We decided to buy some fresh-cut fruits. Our next destination was Torre dei Lamberti (guess what ;), free entry with Verona Card). We only had to pay for the elevator (1€) as we did not want to take the steps. We still had lots of plans for the day and wanted to save some energy :). From there, we had a magnificent view over Verona!

We then walked past Piazza dei Signori, Dante’s statue and the tombs (arche) of the Scaligeri reaching the river Adige. There we sat down and enjoyed the view and our healthy snack we bought earlier. Then we went into the church Chiesa Sant’ Anastassia (with our Verona Card) which was started in 1280 and completed in 1400. The interior of the church was one of the most beautiful in Verona (and Verona has lots of churches and we were even in quite many of them).

Accordingly, our next destination was again a church – Verona Cathedral (free entry with Verona Card). Again, an amazing interior, but my mother and I shared the same opinion that Anastassia church was more impressive. From there, we headed towards Ponte Pietra. Ponte Pietra is a Roman arch bridge crossing the Adige River in Verona, Italy. The bridge was completed in 100 BC! (and destroyed but rebuild many many times).

We crossed the river to reach Castel San Pietro on the top of a (little) hill. It was early afternoon and the sun was shining, so it was a bit exhausting. But we were rewarded with another magnificent view on Verona.

After a short break, we went down the hill again to see another ancient part of Verona – the Roman theater (free entry with Verona Card). Then we passed two other churches, walked along the other side of the river, crossed the river over one of the many bridges and arrived back in the inner (old) city. And now it was the right time to visit Chiesa San Fermo Maggiore (free entry with Verona Card).

By now, we were quite hungry, so we looked for a nice little cafe. We ordered tramezzini and reviewed the day so far. It was only late afternoon and after our break, we were refreshed and decided to go ahead and visit Basilica di San Zeno (free entry with Verona Card).

From there, it was not far to Convento di San Bernodino, our last destination for that day then. We walked back towards Piazza Bra and found a nice restaurant (so small, rather a bar) in one of these little streets in Verona. We took a seat outside as the weather was still warm and wonderful, and enjoyed our dinner. After dinner, we headed to our favorite gelateria and then went again to the little park of Piazza Bra, ate ice-cream and watched evening life on the place. We got bit sad, as this was the last evening. The train back to Munich was leaving in the afternoon the next day. We thought about what had happened and our resume of the last two days in Verona was that it is amazing how close together everything is. You can easily walk to nearly every sight you want to. We did nothing but walk around, no bus or anything else. Even though the Verona Card allows you to use public transport. I highly recommend Verona Card if you ever plan to pay Verona a visit!