Beach Dress – Simplicity 2939

I made it again. This is such a quick and simple dress – so I even made two of them for the summer holidays. The only thing I changed this time was to lower the back to have less fabric there. It is summer, so why cover the whole back ;).
Simplicity 2939 Summer Dress no.2Simplicity 2939 Summer Dress no.1The lace I used on the outside of the purple dress was the leftover from hemming the blue dress. I sewed the lace to the hem and then hand-sewed it. I really like this way of finishing a dress and I do it quite often (so did I with the last two dresses shown).

And I always cut the upper part twice to have some kind of lining. With this kind of dress, I prefer lining rather than facing as it is quite easy and looks so much nicer.

I wore these dresses every day when we went to the beach – and that’s also why I made two. So I was able to change every day from one dress to the other ;)

Simplicity New Look 6749

Simplicity New Look 6749-2
I’ve sewn Simplicity New Look 6749 before, but with a different type of the upper bodice (View D). This time I decided to give View B a try as it would work perfectly with the fabric I had in mind. Luckily, this dress is available in my size (I got this pattern from the magazine “Meine Nähmode 02/2013″). Again, I made the back 2 cm smaller and I shortened the dress about 6cm already on my copy of the pattern and it still is loooong enough. And I had to shorten the straps also quite a lot even though I already shortened the pattern copy. Sometimes it makes quite a difference being almost 20 cm shorter than the average woman according to the pattern designer/companies ;).

As I made this type of dress already once, I finished quickly though working with the slippery fabric was often a challenge. But it was totally worth it. I finished it shortly before my beach holidays and it was a perfect dress for dinner at the hotel. Unfortunately, now it is too cold to wear it…
Simplicity New Look 6749-1

Simplicity New Look 6867

Simplicity New Look 6867-1
This dress was made for my summer beach holidays. I got this pattern with the magazine “Meine Nähmode 02/2013″, but again it started a size too big. With the good experience I made the last time, I graded all the parts of this dress to size 38. I chose some light and bright cotton fabric and I love this dress. I completely lined the dress which made some hand sewing necessary (maybe there is another way, but I did not figure out – the pattern itself is not with a lining). The only thing I forgot due to all the grading was to adjust the dress to my small height. Well, shortening the skirt was not a problem, but if I sew this dress again (and I think I will), I will need to shorten the waist part ;). Another thing I will change the next time is the position of the shoulder straps. They need to be more in the middle, but luckily, the straps do not fall of my shoulder.
Simplicity New Look 6867-2
Oh, and I omitted the zipper which was not the best idea. Putting it on is okay, but pulling the dress off is challenging. Blame on my laziness.

Simplicity New Look 6838 modified with cowl neck

Simplicity New Look 6838 cowl neckRecently I bought a shirt with cowl neck and I like it so much that I decided to try sewing one. I do not have a pattern for a top with cowl neck, so I browsed through all the patterns and gave Simplicity New Look 6838 a try. I had this pattern from a magazine (Meine Nähmode 01/2011), but it was only available in size M or bigger. With the help of Burda’s “Die neue Nähschule” I graded the pattern down to what I thought was size S, but I still had to take about 3 centimeters in at the side. After grading and copying, I modified the neckline. I took the instructions from the book “Schnittkonstruktion für Damenmode” and I am so happy that it worked out nicely. I really like this shirt a lot, but still for the next shirt, I rather take another pattern that fits in size from the beginning. Then I need less alterations :). And I need to search some nice tutorials for adding bias tape as the back neckline is stretching out a bit.